Phoenix Rising Pre-Parenting Programme

Are you an expectant first-time parent, or maybe first-time parent to a newborn? Have youe lived through a tricky childhood and concerned how your own difficult experiences may have an impact on your parenting. Then this is the programme for you.


We are Healing Trauma 2020

Over the moon and very honoured to have been invited by the wonderful CPTSD Foundation as a guest speaker alongside leading trauma professionals, including Bessel van der Kolk! On 31st March 2020…


Trauma held in the body

You may have been struggling with negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world. You may have been suffering from addictive behaviours. You may have been struggling with psychological…


Complex Trauma, Mental Health and COVID-19

I am mindful how the current situation can be very triggering for those suffering from complex trauma/Complex PTSD. For example, it can make your symptoms worse and put you in a constant survival mode (fight/flight/freeze/dissociate). The constant hypervigilant state can be very exhausting. It can trigger a sense of loss, loneliness and abandonment, helplessness, uncertainty and unpredictability.

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