Integrated Mental Health and Specialist Trauma Services

Stepping Stones Psychology is a specialist therapeutic service for young people, families and adults. We provide confidential psychological services both nationally and worldwide. Our specialism is in working with trauma and attachment.

Welcome to Stepping Stones Psychology

We are an integrated mental health service that provides a wide range of therapeutic interventions, including general counselling and psychotherapy, wellbeing sessions and consultations. However, our specialism is in working with individuals of all ages who have experienced trauma, including, abuse, neglect, domestic violence, PTSD/C-PTSD/complex trauma, developmental trauma, loss, attachment difficulties/attachment disorder and therapeutic parenting.

Sharmi Gowri-Kriszyk


The vision of Stepping Stones Psychology is on promoting the emotional health and well-being of the local community and general public to their full potentials.

Online and Telephone Therapy

These services are a convenient alternative to face-to-to face therapy. They can help you managing life stressors and emotional needs through telephone or online psychological services. They include specialist trauma therapy approaches such as EMDR and somatic interventions. They can be used as a supplement to continue support while undergoing consultation.

Specialist Trauma Therapy

This service is for those who have experienced traumas or difficult childhood. You may have a diagnosis of PTSD/CPTSD. You may have had counselling or therapy in the past, but still feel unfulfilled and think that something is missing in terms of healing. My specialisms in working with abuse, neglect, trauma and attachment issues can benefit your healing journey.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

For some time now you might have been struggling to make sense of how you are feeling and wish to talk things through with a professional. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you see your thoughts from a different perspective and help you finding it easier to cope in everyday life.

Please note: Therapeutic services are offered in the following languages: English, Danish, Tamil

“My name is Sharmi, I am the Principal Psychologist, Founder and Clinical Director of Stepping Stones Psychology. I will be providing a safe place where you can explore any difficulties you may be experiencing and where I will place high value on a strong and supportive therapeutic relationship.

Talking things through with a professional can often help bring some clarity at a time when you are struggling to make sense of how you are feeling. Spending this time to stop and reflect can offer new understandings and paths to move forward, enabling a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself. This is something I can help you with.

I am aware that admitting to a problem and reaching out by seeking professional help can be difficult and require strength and courage. Talking to someone about our difficulties, our deepest fears, our worries or distress, can generally be a daunting experience. It is understandably more unnerving when it comes to speaking with a complete stranger. In order to alleviate some of your apprehensions I have shared a little about myself under the section “About me”. This section also provides information about my training, clinical experiences, qualifications and  my approach as a therapist and my values.

Sharmi Gowri-Kriszyk

Founder of Stepping Stones Psychology



• Make sense of their emotions and behaviours
• See their thoughts and behaviours from a different perspective
• Find it easier to cope with their life
• Manage their stress and anxiety better
• Accept themselves more by building self-worth and self-esteem
• Having a better relationship with themselves and others



• Identify and manage their triggers better
• Gain some level of peace and closure with their past
• Being in more control of their flashbacks, including, emotional flashbacks
• Be more relieved from physical sensations, including pain
• Get better sleep
• Having a better relationship with themselves and others

my personal philosophy

For some time now you might have been struggling to make sense of how you are feeling and wish to talk things through with a professional. This could relate to difficulties with your mood and some behaviours you are not happy with and want to explore and work on these. Perhaps this was because of a recent event, or something that is related to your early childhood experiences, or even a combination of different life circumstances.

You may also be thinking that despite already seeking help for some of the issues in the past through counselling and therapy, you still feel unfulfilled and think that something is missing in terms of healing. I believe that our variety of specialist trauma approaches which include EMDR and Somatic Psychotherapy models, can benefit your healing journey.

I strongly believe that none of us are born bad, and that our behaviour, including the most hostile and self-destructive ones, are a communication of our inner world. They represent our inner turmoil, unresolved trauma and emotional suffering.

I aim to hold a safe, non-judgemental and compassionate space for you where all parts of you will be held, seen and heard. In return you will feel validated and connected. This will  aid transformation and healing.


This will be a place where I will be sharing on-going information and resources. These will be related to general mental health and well-being, trauma-specific, current affairs, and also supportive messages for other mental health professionals.
For free resources, please check 
our blog section.

opening times

I see clients on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In urgent cases, I would try my best to offer you an appointment outside my normal working hours if that will be the only suitable time for you.


At the moment I mainly conduct sessions via Zoom due to COVID-19. However, I have limited availability for face-to-face sessions and they are taking place at Sheffield Wellness Centre. You can find the direction here.
I will update this section in the future when more slots are available for face-to-face sessions.

contact info

If you would like to talk to me or arrange an appointment please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form. You can also email me on:


I work hard to ensure that my practice is inclusive, recognising that some communities face specific oppression and discrimination. I am committed to on-going learning, reflecting on my own privilege and listening to your experiences in order to provide a service where you will feel heard and understood. I will endeavour to meet your individual needs, where possible and ask that if you have a special need or disability, to please let me know so that I can try to accommodate this.