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Post-Traumatic Growth: Finding Peace and Healing after Emotional Abuse

Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship? Are you currently in a relationship with a narcissist? Sick of toxic relationships? Are you ready to heal your emotional wounds and live a life of peace, love & healthy relationships? Want to break free from Emotional Abuse? How about Deception?

If so, I highly recommend you tune into this FREE online event brought to you by AVAIYA University, called Overcoming Emotional Abuse & Deception: #avaiya

Some forms of emotional abuse are:

  • Jealous, possessive behaviour
  • Harsh criticism & belittling
  • Shaming & blaming
  • Controlling behaviours & manipulation
  • Constant arguing or opposing
  • Name-calling & trivializing the other person’s concerns
  • Withholding affection & gaslighting
  • Silent treatment, exploitation, isolating from others & more

If you’ve experienced emotional abuse…you are not alone. For some of you, the person who inflicted the abuse may not have been a partner, but your parent. If the latter is you, you may still find this event helpful. It will offer you an opportunity to reflect, make sense, deepen your awareness and help educate yourself about abuse – which are all important aspects of post-traumatic healing and growth.

Beginning April 19th, over 25 relationship experts, therapists, doctors and more will help you heal your emotional wounds, take your power back & cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself and others!

I am honoured to be a featured speaker during this 7-day immersion event, talking about ‘Post-Traumatic Growth: Finding Peace and Healing after Emotional Abuse’.

Avaiya University is founded by Ike Allen and Ande Anderson. They offer free and inexpensive educational material to support people like you in transforming your life. These include life-changing seminars, lectures, workshops, books, films and more to share with the world. You can find out more about them and the wonderful work they do here:

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