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Healing the Child Within Us

What a challenging year 2020 has been, and 2021 hasn’t exactly had the greatest start here in the UK.

So many have been struggling even more with their health and wellbeing than before. Anxiety and depression have increased. Many are yearning for connection more than ever.

This is one of the reasons why we are looking forward to our upcoming retreat in May as it wouldn’t only offer a deep connection with ourselves and others, but it will also be a wonderful opportunity to attend to our health and wellbeing in a nurturing way.

The retreat will have so much to offer – you can read about it here:
One element of the retreat which Sharmi will be facilitating is a reflective activity she has developed. This will focus on deeper healing gently exploring childhood wounds which we may have safely blocked away.

According to most psychology theories, it is believed that the difficult childhood experienced we had led to the development of a painfully raw part within us. There are different terminologies for this. For example, in Internal Family Systems (IFS), these are called ‘Exhiles’ and refers to the wounded, and often young, parts of ourselves. In other psychology theories, they are known as the ‘Wounded Child’.

The wounded child is developed as a result of us not feeling safe when growing up. These include, but not limited to, adverse childhood experiences, attachment disruption, emotional or psychological neglect.
Using psycho-education and reflective therapeutic writing, you will be gently guided to nurture those wounded parts, which you have carried with you for so long – but often buried and denied the existence of. This may be the first time you get an opportunity to truly get in touch with them, hold and nurture them.

There will also be an opportunity to be part of a Healing Listening Circle, which is a safe space for sharing, reflections and healing. The Listening Circle sessions can be very powerful, and it is a place where you and all of your emotions will be held, seen and heard. All emotions will be welcome, and in return, you will feel validated and supported. We appreciate that sharing a group setting can be something some people find challenging, so we can reassure you that you will only share as much or as a little you feel comfortable with at your own pace. But most importantly, sharing would not be a requirement as the goal of these sessions will be inner healing as part of listening and self-reflection.

Should you wish to find out more or register, please contact us here:


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