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Loving ourselves from within (Level 1)

Loving Ourselves From Within Group Programme

The Loving Ourselves From Within Group Programme is a 6 week offering in which we explore the roots of self-acceptance, self-esteem and body confidence. These sessions are a combination of psychoeducation, reflective journaling & discussion and will help you to unearth and cultivate healthy levels of self-compassion, in order to build the foundations for deeper self-love.

Some of the things we will look at:

Δ How our childhood experiences impact the beliefs we have about ourselves and how we can learn to accept ourselves for who we are. Δ

Δ Thinking about our experiences and linking them to Attachment Theory. Δ

Δ Creating a selfcare toolkit. Δ

Δ What are unmet needs from a child’s perspective?

How do those unmet needs we struggled with as children still affect us today? Δ 

Δ Self-compassion & grounding practices. Δ   

Δ Practical tools e.g. empowering steps we can take to make the changes we want to see in our lives. Δ

Δ The foundations of self-esteem and how to implement them into our lives. Δ

Δ Body image, the media & societal influence. Δ

Δ Creating affirmations for Self-acceptance, Self-esteem & body confidence.Δ

 Δ Weekly Journaling practices and prompts. Δ

Δ Guided visualisations. Δ 

The Sessions

The group size is limited to a capacity of 6 participants to ensure the groups are an intimate space for sharing and reflection. 

Each session will consist of two parts: One will be psycho-education with discussions, psychological tools and resources. The other part will be reflective journaling. All sessions will be interactive; however, members will share as much or as a little they feel comfortable with at their own pace. Sharing is not a requirement as the goal of these sessions will be inner healing as part of self-help.  

The sessions run weekly and each session lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

What our participants are saying

“I would recommend for anyone who has only been able to scratch the surface and would like to take the brave step to look within and start healing. I’m letting go and forgiving myself for coping mechanisms which I’ve been able to see the root of and have been guided to look at those parts of myself I’ve neglected and make changes towards self-love and acceptance. I would highly recommend joining this course because I feel I’ve come away with so much.” – Previous Programme Participant.

The Benefits

You will find a lot of the material and tools helpful in your healing journey. You can use these techniques as part of your ‘self-help toolbox’.

These wellbeing sessions can certainly complement therapy and some people prefer these to therapy for several reasons:

1) It is more affordable than individual therapy sessions and a cost effective way of accessing therapeutic support.

2) You might not be ready to invest in therapy in this moment in your life due to various circumstances, or therapy is just not something you wish to engage in generally. However, you wish to receive therapeutic support and access some psycho-education, practical and psychological resources.

3) You want to engage in a support network of people attending the programme who have had similar experiences; providing a safe space with a group of people who ‘get it,’ which can be helpful and supportive.

Investment For The Programme

The investment for this programme is currently £150 for the full 6 weeks (it works out £25 per 2.5-hrs session). 

We are passionate about this programme reaching the people who really need it. 

We would like to offer those who would like to attend the programme but suffering financial difficulty the option to pay in instalments instead of the full fee upfront.

We can also offer  a discount if:

– you are self-employed and your income has reduced

– you have lost your job

– you are on benefits/social welfare payment

Co-facilitator: Siobhan Louise

Siobhan is a Coach, Journal Therapist & Body Love Mentor. Her specialism is using journaling to aid clients in their self-connection journeys, Siobhan is very passionate about helping women to reconnect with themselves and to facilitate them with building a deeper self-loving, multi-faceted relationship with their mind, body & soul. 

You can find out more about Siobhan here: