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Support services during the second UK national lockdown

This one is for people living in the UK. Today is Thursday 5th November. The date of the second national lockdown here in the UK. It is also the date of  Guy Fawkes Night, which is obviously celebrated with fireworks.

These events can lead to suffering from increased anxiety for various reasons. The lockdown can make many feel alone and isolated. For trauma survivors, this can trigger past experiences of feeling lonely and isolated. A sense of abandonment. For trauma survivors, starting the lockdown on Guy Fakes Night could have made it even more challenging. The noise and sensory input from the sudden sound of fireworks can feel overwhelming and be triggering.

It looks like it will be a long winter this year. Connection, compassion, empathy and support are really important at this time.

As a mental health service provider, I have been thinking of ways to support the community during this challenging time. As a trauma therapist, I will be using my role to offer some free support sessions (note: this is not therapy) through my Trauma and PTSD group. You can find it here:

Daniel will also continue to offer his Mental Mate sessions throughout lockdown twice a week (7pm-8pm on Wednesdays and 11am-12pm on Sundays). You can find more details about his work here:

Sheffield Mind is also offering free support service via a listening line to those who are aged 50 and over. You can find more details about it here:

Covid-related resources for trauma survivors:

Other resources:

Specialist Trauma Therapeutic Services: To find out more about the trauma-informed therapeutic services offered by Stepping Stones Psychology, please follow this link:

Specialist Trauma Therapy: To find out more about specialist trauma therapy by Stepping Stones Psychology, please follow this link:

Dedicated Membership for Trauma Survivors:

Trauma Support and Research: This group involve research and resources, including some excellent trauma-informed blogs. This group is run by Trauma Research UK & Ireland

Vision & Mission of CPTSD & PTSD Research UK: Trama Research UK & Ireland (formerly known as CPTSD & PTSD Research UK)  is found by Nic Jonwik Strang, and you can read more about her story, vision and mission here: This is the Facebook page of Trauma Research UK & Ireland:

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