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Please donate to our Bursary Fund

This is a Bursary Fund to help and support oppressed/minority/disadvantaged individuals accessing our services 

I am acutely aware that specialist trauma therapy and therapeutic services are not commonly accessible through the NHS or any other free services. This means that often those who are the most in need of this service are the ones who do not get access to it due to their underprivileged or disadvantaged circumstances. 

This is one of the main reasons why I ensure to offer a limited number of free and discounted spaces to those who are committed to attending our events but are unable to due to their financial situation. I will continue to offer this, however, as a business; we cannot afford to offer this on a high demand basis. 

I have therefore created a Bursary Fund which will be a ‘pot of money’ that I will keep for people who want to access our services, but who cannot afford it due to genuine financial difficulties. This will allow anyone to make a donation to the fund which will then go towards the access to our services for those who cannot afford it.

Inspired by a client of mine and also from the advice and personal experience by the lovely Wendy Andrews who I co-facilitate with, our Bursary Fund was created.

My client once overpaid me and when I offered to refund them their money, they kindly asked me to put it towards one of the free spaces I give on my 6-weeks programmes. This formed the initial idea of a Bursary Fund. A couple of months after, Wendy and I were discussing about finding a way to meet the high demands for more people to access the specialist trauma services, but who were unable to due to their difficult financial circumstances. The end result: Our Bursary Fund.

If you are someone who has used or is currently using our services and are in a position to gift a little more than the payment of your share, then please consider donating to our bursary fund. It will be a way of utilising social advantage so that people in oppressed/minority groups may have a similar opportunity to do this work. Any amount is worth it as many small amounts soon add up.

Thank you very much in advance for your donation and for making a difference.

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