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Loving ourselves from within (Level 2)

This programme is Part 2 of ‘Loving Ourselves from Within’. In part 1, you were introduced to Psycho-Education and theories, alongside an inner journey of making sense of the roots of your low self-worth and self-esteem issues. By doing this, you gradually worked towards more Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance and Self-Love. In addition to this, we integrated a body-mind-soul approach to healing (body-based).

The sessions in Level 2 will not focus on covering theory, and there will be very little Psycho-Education. Instead, the focus will be on deeper inner healing, where we will explore and connect with hidden childhood wounds, and how they affect your Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance and Self-Love. We will then work on healing these deeper wounds one layer at a time. We will also continue integrating a body-mind-soul approach to healing (body-based).

In Level 1, the sessions included a Listening Circle, which is a safe space for sharing, reflections and healing. Listening Circle sessions can be very powerful, and it is a place where you and all of your emotions will be held, seen and heard. All emotions will be welcome, and in return you will feel validated and supported. The Listening Circle will continue in Level 2, however this time it will be much deeper and more therapeutic.