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Parenting with a History of Trauma – Level 2

This programme is Part 2 of ‘Parenting with a History of Trauma’. In part 1, you were introduced to Psycho-Education and theories, alongside an inner journey of making sense of the roots of your parenting struggles from a trauma and attachment perspective. By doing this, you gradually worked towards more Self-Awareness, Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance. This then resulted in you navigating your trauma in a more aware way, which led to a more connected and conscious parenting. In addition to this, we integrated a body-mind-soul approach to healing (body-based).

The sessions in Level 2 will not focus on covering theory, and there will be very little Psycho-Education. Instead, the focus will be on deeper inner healing, where we will explore and connect with hidden childhood wounds. We will then work on healing these deeper wounds one layer at a time. This means we will be exploring the roots of your triggers, but this time really going back to your own childhood – different stages of your childhood. By exploring, connecting and healing those wounded parts, you will not only become more conscious when being triggered as a parent, but you will also learn ways to rewire your brain in order to regulate better. This will result in you becoming self-compassionate, and in turn becoming more able to reconnect and repair quicker with your child/children. We will also continue integrating a body-mind-soul approach to healing (body-based).

In Level 1, the sessions included a Listening Circle, which is a safe space for sharing, reflections and healing. Listening Circle sessions can be very powerful, and it is a place where you and all of your emotions will be held, seen and heard. All emotions will be welcome, and in return you will feel validated and supported. The Listening Circle will continue in Level 2, however this time it will be much deeper and more therapeutic.


These healing work sessions can complement therapy and any other practices you are already doing, whereas some people prefer these sessions to therapy for several reasons:

  1. All what have been covered in the ‘Objective’ section.
  2. It is more affordable than individual therapy sessions and a cost effective way of accessing therapeutic support.
  3. You might not be ready to invest in therapy in this moment in your life due to various circumstances, or therapy is just not something you wish to engage in generally. However, you wish to receive therapeutic support and access some psycho-education, practical and psychological resources.
  4. You want to engage in a support network of people attending the workshop who have had similar experiences; providing a safe space with a group of people who ‘get it’ which can be helpful and supportive.


* Price is £180 for the full 6 weeks (it works out £30 per 2.5 hrs session).

I like to offer the following to those of you who like to attend the programme, but your financial situation being the only reason stopping you:

* Rather than paying the full amount upfront, you can pay the fee in instalments instead.

* We will offer you a discount (and to a selected few, we will offer a place on the workshop for free) if: These places are for people who fulfil all of the following criteria:

* Financially struggling and is on low income/benefits/social welfare payment

* Cannot afford to make the full payment even with a payment scheme allowing them to pay in instalments instead of paying the full fee upfront

* Genuinely would not otherwise be able to afford to attend the workshop