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An embodied integrative approach to healing Complex Trauma

An embodied integrative approach to healing Complex Trauma

6-Weeks Programme

Date: Wednesday 16th September

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Mode: Online live sessions

Cost: £30 per 2-hours session (£180 for the total duration of 6 weeks)

This 6-weeks programme is for people who have experienced trauma. We will do a deep dive into healing your developmental trauma/complex trauma/relational trauma combining various embodied approaches to healing. The sessions will be offered by trauma-informed professionals who will each be bringing in their own set of expertise. You may have been struggling with negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world. You may have been suffering from addictive behaviours. You may have been struggling with psychological and emotional difficulties. You may have been suffering from tension and numbness in your body. You may have identified a pattern of dysfunctional relationships you tend to engage in. All of these usually stem from our childhood experiences. Through this programme you will gain the knowledge and tools to listen to your body and respond with compassion to live more consciously and with ease in the world.

The idea is that trauma can be stored in the body, and by releasing it, it helps you heal. It helps us process trauma stored in our body simply by using the body. It means revisiting the trauma gently and safely, and allowing yourself to feel the emotions that went along with it and try to help remove them from your body. Taking the time to really breathe through it and really being able to zone in on your body’s reactions to the trauma is an important aspect of Embodied psychotherapeutic models.

The programme will offer you psycho-education, tools, techniques, resources and experiential therapeutic writing exercises tapping into subconscious wounds and healing those. The foundation of all this will be underpinned by trauma-informed and attachment-based theories. Furthermore, it will also offer you an embodied approach and somatic psychotherapy models to navigate trauma. These will include elements of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing (SE). These are specialist therapeutic approaches invented for healing trauma in the physical body, which have been found to have subsequently a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.


  • Sharmi Gowri-Kriszyk – Principal Psychologist, Clinical Director and Founder of Stepping Stones Psychologist. You can read more about me on , and for further details visit the‘About’ section if you like.
  • Giten Tonkov – the Director and Founder of BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Institute. BioDynamic Breathwork® is built on a new approach to trauma release. It integrates deep connected breathing, movement, bodywork and meditation. You can find out more about their work here:
  • Ralf Marzen – the Director and Founder of Embodied Trauma Healing. Ralf specialises in trauma healing for childhood/ developmental trauma, and I also work with shock trauma and stress. Ralf uses highly effective tools from NARM (Dr Laurence Heller), Somatic Experiencing (Dr Peter Levine), Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy (Dr Raja Selvam) and others. Ralf also offers workshops and seminars on embodied trauma healing and trauma-informed bodywork and psychotherapy. He is passionate about bringing a deeper understanding of trauma as well as trauma healing skills to the wider audience. You can find out more about Ralf’s work here:
  • Nicole Marcia – the Director and Founder of Fine Balance Trauma Yoga Therapy. Nicole teaches therapeutic yoga classes and offers individual sessions to trauma survivors, teaching them healthy self-regulation strategies to empower them to live connected and embodied lives. Her work focuses on supporting trauma survivors in their healing, long-term stability and recovery, based on trauma-informed, healing centred yoga theory and techniques. You can find out more about Nicole and her work here:
  • Vicky O’Donoghue – Project Lead Co-Production (Ageing Better) at South Yorkshire Housing Association and Mindfulness Workshops Facilitator. Vicky’s passion & specialism is mindfulness, for general health & wellbeing, personal growth and also as a therapeutic approach to positive mental health. She runs Mindful Living Retreats @bemindfulderbyshire and also a mindfulness meet-up group called Mindful Connections. You can find out more about Vickey and her work here: and here: Vicky and Sharmi also run trauma-informed retreats together. You can find more information about this here:
  • Siobhan Louise – Life Coach, Body Mentor and Journal Therapist. Siobhan’s specialism is using journaling to aid clients in their self-connection journeys. Siobhan has experienced complex trauma herself and has turned this into helping others. She is very passionate about helping people to reconnect with themselves and to facilitate them with building a deeper self-loving, multi-faceted relationship with their mind, body & soul. You can find out more about Siobhan and her work here:
  • Rachel Wray – A qualified dietician with over 17 years’ experience in the NHS. She has specialist interest in diabetes and a wealth of trauma-informed knowledge and tools to share in lots of areas such stress (including post-traumatic stress), food and mood.

Please contact Sharmi via our contact form or email on to be booked on the programme or if you have any questions.

Thank you.