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Trauma-Informed Care

By Sharmi Gowri-Kriszyk

I have an interview with Nic from Trauma Research UK tomorrow where I will be speaking about trauma-informed care and its importance. Nic has been working very hard to fight for appropriate support and interventions for trauma survivors.  Like me, she is also on a mission when it comes to the wellbeing and post-traumatic growth of people who have experienced trauma.

Nic has dedicated a great deal of her time researching trauma-related topics and the gap in the system when it comes to intervention and support for trauma survivors.

Some of the themes we would be exploring in tomorrow’s interview are:

  • Current diagnosis of trauma in UK and how NHS approach trauma
  • Suitable approaches to work with trauma
  • Screening Tools used for trauma
  • Multi-model approach versus CBT

Nic’s goal and future plan is to use this information along with further additional information to increase awareness about trauma and trauma-informed care. She is intending to do this by educating key services like GP Surgeries, hospitals, police, dentists etc., about trauma-informed approaches. What an absolutely fantastic initiative! I really hope all her hard work will pay off – creating a ripple effect and positive changes in the system when it comes to services for trauma survivors. I feel honoured and privileged to have an opportunity to do my small bit of supporting her to achieve this.

To find more about Nic and all the wonderful work she is doing in the field of trauma, please join the following groups/pages:

Research for CPTSD, PTSD and Trauma: To support and partake in a UK-based research for survivors of trauma, PTSD and CPTSD, please follow CPTSD & PTSD Research UK via this link:

Facebook Group: This group offers a wealth of research and resources, including some excellent trauma-informed blogs by Nic and her team of volunteers. I can’t recommend it enough.

Vision and Mission of Trauma Research UK:  This service  is found by Nic Jonwik Strang, and you can read more about her story, vision and mission here:

What are trauma-informed approaches? To find out more about trauma-informed approaches please feel free to read my recent blog:

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