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6-weeks programme

I offer 6-weeks programmes specially tailored for the specific needs  of the client group accessing a particular programme.

The goal is for the sessions to be a safe circle of 6 members only. Therefore, the programme will be closed to the same 6 individuals for the duration of the whole package.

Each session will consist of two parts: One hour of psycho-education, toolbox-building (techniques, tools and resources), and then the second hour will be interactive exercises and a listening circle. A Listening Circle is a safe space for sharing, reflections and healing. Listening Circle sessions can be very powerful, and it is a place where you and all of your emotions will be held, seen and heard. All emotions will be welcome, and in return you will feel validated and supported.

All sessions will be interactive, however, members will participate during the activities or share as much or as a little they feel comfortable with at their own pace. Sharing is not a requirement as the goal of these workshops will be inner healing as part of self-help.

Often, I co-facilitate with another mental health professional, who brings in their own expertise. We will then blend in our two sets of specialism to offer a unique programme. Each session will last 2 hours to 2.5 hours. Cost for these programmes usually varies between £25 – £30 per session (that is £150 – £180 for the whole 6-weeks programme). However, we have a waiting list for discounted and free spaces.