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A message from CPTSD & PTSD Research UK

This one is for trauma survivors and their loves ones.

So this wonderful lady called Nic Jonwic Strang is a trauma advocate who has recently started a new service called CPTSD & PTSD Research UK and it includes a free support group for trauma survivors. I have agreed to help her by writing some blogs for her service/group. You can find more information here:

This is Nic’s message for you all:

“Hi, my name is Nic. I’m looking to advocate for trauma after various experiences with healthcare and key workers that were traumatising. So far I’ve looked into what the public know regarding trauma, and data is beginning to show very little awareness for CPTSD. I want to advocate for how professionals respond to us in crisis as it is known that support directly at trauma or crisis affects recovery. I want to take this project as far as I can. It is still in its infancy stage as I am just starting out. I began committing to it in early June.

Raising awareness of both CPTSD & PTSD. Current research, information and ability to participate in research projects in order to gain a wider awareness of the illness itself. This group has been built to empower and promote freedom for those who live daily with trauma-related issues.

Personally, I’ve had developmental trauma from adoption, and complex trauma from domestic violence and sexual assault. I have my honours in psychology and have worked throughout social care and within education. I now work as an advocate for trauma”

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