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Membership for Trauma Survivors

A Specialist membership package dedicated to those living with trauma, CPTSD, or PTSD.

Our new service consists of a support membership package dedicated to trauma survivors. You may have had a difficult childhood, you may have a diagnosis of C/PTSD. This membership will be complemented by coaching, counselling, therapy, therapeutic group sessions (workshops/programmes), and retreats. All of this will be both trauma-informed and attachment-based. The membership will give you, as a member, access to a very unique package which will be carefully planned to meet the needs of trauma survivors and will cover topics, therapeutic activities and interventions in areas which you like to work on and grow in.

For now the membership will include:

  • A minimum of 2 trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed sessions per week
  • Daily Gratitude Reflection activity.
  • Daily Themed Reflection activity (trauma-sensitive). This can aid conscious living and will help set an intention and purpose for the day
  • Daily trauma-informed & trauma-sensitive post of inspiration, encouragement and motivation. This will offer validation and support.
  • Weekly trauma-informed & trauma-sensitive ‘Listening Circle’ session by Wendy Andrews for Parents
  • Bi-weekly ‘Trauma-sensitive Mindfulness Practice’ session by Vicky O’Donoghue
  • Bi-weekly session by Sharmi (Webinar/Q&A on trauma-related topics)
  • A monthly guest speaker offering a
  • Healing Book Club (monthly virtual meet-up but weekly engagement and tasks)
  • Monthly Checking-in with Sharmi Gowri-Kriszyk alongside a worksheet to for you to complete. We will meet virtually to talk about (if you like) to help you see that you are making progress
  • I believe more support tasks will be added as we carry on and the long-term plan is to have sessions every day Monday to Friday on a weekly basis.
  • Access to recording of all the sessions (except the Parenting Listening Circle sessions)
  • 10% discount on booking on all our events that are not included in the membership
  • Monthly Session by a Guest Speaker (usually a trauma survivor themselves). All of their sessions will be trauma-informed & trauma-sensitive. They will be based on their area of specialism e.g therapeutic journaling, trauma-sensitive yoga, DBT Skills, healing trauma through art etc. Some of the sessions we have planned are as follows:

-Mindfulness Art: Mandala Drawing and Painting by Helena Turner

-DBT Skills Workshop by Dushika Rajan

-Therapeutic Journaling Circle Session by Siobhan Louise (all of the themes for the sessions will be trauma-informed)

-Food, Mood and Stress (incl. post-traumatic stress) by Rachel Wray

-Emotional Regulation Session by Sharmi

-Session on Guilt & Shame by Sharmi

-Healing Circle Sessions by Sharmi (Integrating Inner Child work and other subconscious healing approaches )

-Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma by Sharmi

-Session on Triggers, Flashbacks, and Dissociation by Sharmi

-Session on Boundaries and Assertiveness by Sharmi

-Session on Narcissistic Abuse by Sharmi

-Session on Domestic Abuse/Toxic Relationships by Sharmi

-Session on Self-care (and Self-compassion) by Sharmi

– Session on Healthy Relationship and Intimacy by Sharmi

-Session for trauma survivors who are not parents yet, but like to explore, understand and work on generational trauma and how to break the cycle

There will be several new recordings every week, a new guest speaker every month and there will be a new theme every month. The themes will be all the things that get difficult and get pushed to the side when there has been trauma. For example; trust, self-compassion, self-acceptance, forgiveness, relationships and boundaries. All sessions will revolve around a particular theme, including yoga, mindfulness and meditation, the chosen book for the book club, and even the guest speaker’s session will relate to the topic of the month.

The check-in and worksheets will be there to help you see that you are making progress. To help you see that by doing what you are doing you are untangling past trauma – things are shifting and changing. You are shifting through the trauma; growing through the trauma. But it is not always the case that you realise what a wonderful transformation that you are going through. I want it to be a community, that will serve us all as we progress and grow through the trauma to live a life full of self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-forgiveness. Trauma creates change, but it doesn’t have to be bad. We can create positive changes. We hold a lot of gifts and strengths that contribute to our post-traumatic growth. The reality is, when there has been trauma, especially relational trauma rooted in childhood, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to deal with and work on all this on our own. I am hoping that through this membership we will have a community where a safe space will be held for collective healing.

The trauma-informed services will include talks, workshops and therapeutic activities. These will consist of a wide range of topics, but all related to issues which trauma survivors generally suffer from. You will also have free and unlimited access to a secret Facebook group, which will act as a support forum. We will also be sharing free resources here.

The sessions will mainly be offered by me. However, several of them will also be delivered by our carefully selected associates and guest speakers, who are vetted by myself to ensure that their practice is aligned with the mission, vision and values of Stepping Stones Psychology. The essential requirements are that their approach is trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive and attachment-based. Each and every one of us in our team is trauma-informed and many of us have a history of trauma ourselves.

Most of the support will be offered online, however, there will also be occasional sessions offered face-to-face in our local community.

We already have a trauma-informed embodied healing retreat planned for Spring 2021! It will be a 3-days residential retreat for women in the lovely Peak District. We will be combining psycho-therapeutic approaches with mindfulness-based practices.

I have put my heart and soul into trauma healing work ever since I started my career path and this new project is something I had on my mind for some time now. I didn’t exactly know it was going to come to this, but I had visualised and held hope that someday there would be a holistic support service for people who have had a difficult childhood or a history of trauma. A support service that covers everything and offers many different types of support. I am so happy that it is finally here.

I would like to make sure it reaches as many people as possible. As most of the support will be offered virtually, it would mean that it will be accessible to both the national and global community. So, please feel free to share and invite anyone you know who has had a history of trauma or someone who had a difficult childhood and may be interested.

To register, please contact us on:

If you can’t afford the membership we do accept donation via our bursary fund if someone you know likes to gift you access to the membership. Here is the link to our bursary fund:

We currently have a private Facebook group for those who like to stay informed about this service and where I also share free CPTSD-related resources. You can find it here:

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